Song Writing Demos

Songs Available for Commercial Recording

The following DEMOS were written in the early 1990s and are presented now from original DAT recordings. There are several genres and styles represented, both for male and female vocals. Contact me here for more information on publishing possibilities.

11 Song Sampler in 16 Minutes

Living Out Loud
Rock/Country, good commercial product.

Cresent Moon
Mother/Daughter or older friend/child mentoring song with good commercial possibilities.

She Made It Look So Easy - Country
Rocking Country, ala Marty Stuart
She Made It Look So Easy - Blues
Same song, different style.

Lying In Your Arms
Clever lyric about losing that lovin' feeling. Jimmy Buffett might have written something like this when he was writing ballads in the 70's.

You Got What You Wanted
Male ballad, ala Travis Tritt "Tell Me I Was Dreamin'." Supposedly Travis Tritt worked up this title at one point, but this cannot be verified.

Slow Suicide
Think vintage Melissa Etheridge "Chrome Plated Heart."

You Broke My Heart Wide Open
Happy love song with words like "trepidation" and "tundra."

Shredded Heart - Female Lead
Shredded Heart - Male Lead
Country Bar-type song. Think "Friends in Low Places." Supposedly Tanya Tucker had a hold on this title at one point, but this cannot be verified.

Just for Tonight - Male Lead
Just for Tonight - Female Lead
Ballad, love song for either male or female. Could be a power ballad.

Ready For Romance - Pop, Easy Listening
Uptempo female lead, taking control of her love life.
Ready For Romance - Ballad
Same song, but this time as a longing ballad.

I Never Thought
Another happy love song, with an reggae feel.

It's Hard To Believe
Singer/performer appreciating his girl.

I Fell In Love With You
Gender-neutral love song.

Three-Quarter Love Song
Think "Strawberry Wine" by Deanna Carter; you know, a five minute waltz.

Second Wife
Second wife writing to the first wife, respecting her prior position. This is the uptempo version. It also can work as a ballad.

Advertising For Love - Duet
Novelty duet about personal ads, with a bluesy feel.

All Songs Copyright by Patricia Maria Peña. All Rights Reserved.


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